Reconstructing David
by Deanna Scott
by Deanna Scott
                                                                                         David and Deanna Scott
Reconstructing David is an intimate story of a mother’s dedication and devotion to her teenaged son’s recovery after a brutal motorcycle accident, and the things she learned through David’s eight weeks in a coma from traumatic brain injury. The book provides an insight into roles that instinct  and love play in the care and recovery process. You will be enraged, you will laugh, you will cry and to top it allo you will finish the book wanting to know more and looking forward to Book II.

This book provides two important lessons to be learned:
Lesson #1 for family members: Don't Give Up!

The book helps family members to better understand the complications of  traumatic brain iinjury and to not give up no matter how dim the prognosis.

Lesson #2 for professionals: Listen to Family Members!
This book urges professionals to realize family members can be effective partners in the healing process if they are treated with more trust and respect.  Both professionals and family members desperately need each other.